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Green Deal - No Deal?

The Green Deal was an ambitious plan to ecofit cold, draughty homes with no up-front cost. A green deal Advisor assessed the home, a Provider set up the loan, and arranged for the Installer to put in the improvements.


The householder repaid the loan from savings on energy bills, collected via the electricity bill and set up as a debt due to the house rather than the human.


In practice, the system was poorly set up: the interest rate was far too high (7%) and the infrastructure was monumentally bureaucratic.


Ecomorph was a registered Green Deal Advice Organisation from the inception of the Green Deal in 2013 until it ended in 2016.


The Green Deal has failed, but domestic energy advice is crucial in helping people reduce their carbon footprint. From the outset we saw that the most valuable part of the structure was the advice process. 


Ecomorph was one of the first home energy efficiency companies to set up as a Green Deal Advice Organisation under Sue Roberts, in 2013.

Evolution of Ecomorph


Sue Roberts worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau 2009-2011 advising on home energy efficiency under a Fuel Poverty contract. In the Spring of 2012, she co-administered an £88,000 government grant (LEAF) for Sustainable Wallingford.


The money was used to pilot the Green Deal, and test the feasibility of community energy projects. In 10 weeks, 5 Domestic Energy Assessors were trained and provided EPCs and energy efficiency advice to 300 Wallingford householders.


Sue Roberts ran Project Barton for the Low Carbon Hub in Oxford, where 100 post-war metal homes were energy-assessed under the Green Deal. Green Deal grants were obtained and used with Oxford City Council funding to insulate a number of homes.


Ecomorph was created in February 2013 as a Green Deal Advice Organisation. Richard Green and Richard Frith joined the team, lodging their reports through Ecomorph.


In the Summer of 2015 the Government closed the Green Deal Finance Company, and, effectively, ended any strategy to ecofit poorly insulated homes. In the Chancellor's Autumn statement of that year, the obligations upon Energy Companies to help with energy efficiency was cut by 83%.


Advice remains central to the process of improving homes and reducing energy consumption. Ecomorph is fully equipped to give the best, impartial advice and can provide EPCs, a pre-requisite for claiming the renewable heat incentive and the feed-in-tariff.





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