Green Lantern

Sue Roberts set up Green Lantern in January 2016, to advise Ed Vaizey, Wantage area MP.


We are eco-businesses covering most technologies, with turnovers ranging up to the multi-million pound mark. We are concerned at the existential threat to our livelihoods through erratic setting up and sudden unpredictable withdrawals of Government support.


Renewable energy and energy efficiency is a complex, high-tech field, vitally important for the UK economy, and for the UK to meet its carbon reduction goals. Reversals in policy have left the UK in a very weak position, and without a coherent Energy Policy.



Federation for Small Business


Sue Roberts is a member of the FSB, and on both the Oxfordshire committee and the Energy and Environment Committee. The latter developes FSB policy towards energy and the environment issues, which it brings to central government. 


Sustainable Wallingford


Ecomorph retains its links into the community, and Sue works as a Sustainable Wallingford member to promote clean air in central Wallingford.


Richard has attended several international COP meetings as a scientific advisor on climate change. We both support Friends of the Earth, 38 degrees, Greenpeace and other organisations that seek to make our world a better place.

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